As well as having fun,Games and simulations allow learners to practice tasks,apply knowledge and infer princeples.Firstly,you teach something then entertain.Learning games can include quiz shows,boardig games,video games.Simulations immerse learners in a work-related contex and let them verify thatthey can perform specific task.

Games or Simulations: Which one is this?

Experts and linguistics believe that there is some differences between games and simulations.Simulation tends to more realistic.For example if game sounds frivolous,it is called as simulation.Or if simulation sound too stufy or expenssive,it is called as games.

How do they work?

In a learning game,learners are the most important thing because this learner  will experience the usage of a mpiece of software or how to solve the problem.

In game or simulations,learner has a goal.Generally,this is done by computers.People learn how to perform a task.