What is ”Quizalize”?




In first term,I wrote about Gamification and gave example such as Kahoot,Socrative an Plickers.(If you want to turn back).Quızaliza is like them.

First,it is a free application.Both teacher and students can use it.You can create your own quizzes and play them in class.

You choose teacher or student.When you choose teachers,you should sign up and create your quiz.There ae choices like mutiple choices,fill in the blanks.You see your students results.When you choose student,you enter the class which your teacher creates.

If you are a teacher and want to give your students homework, you are in your profile then simply click ‘more options’ and set the quiz as homework. If you are using a quiz from the marketplace, then simply click on the quiz and select ‘set as homework’ ​.

Here is my quiz code :jwz373