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What is ‘Connect-Type Activity‘?

-Connect-type activities integrate what we are learning with what we know.

-To know whether an activity is connect-type activitiy,we must ask what the purpose is.If the purpose is to teach something new,this either Absorb-type Activity or Do-type Activity.But when the main purpose is to link something already known or prompt application of learning,this is called as Conncet-type Activity.

Common Type of Connect-type Activity

1-Ponder Activity

2-Questioning Activity

3-Stories by Learners

4-Job Aids

5-Research Activities

6-Original Work

When do we use Connect-type Activity?

1-Application is crucial.

2-Application is not adequate.

3-You teach a general object.

4-Learners doubt applicability of material.

5-Learners cannot make connections by themselves.