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Mart 2016

Second Term Week 6/Tool

What is ‘Proprofs‘?



Proprofs is also like Kahoot,Plickers and Quizalize.You select a product and start.It makes automatic grading.It teaches eveytime everywhere.It is easy.Using educational assessment software, teachers can easily create online quizzes, secure tests and assessments for students. They can take full advantage of advanced options such as online quiz libraries (to select quiz questions from a wide range of educational topics), data security and automated grading that helps in saving a lot of time and effort. Teachers even receive detailed reports and statistics to analyze how their students have performed as well as identify knowledge gaps so they can assist learners accordingly.

My Proprofs



Second Term Week 6/Tool

What is ”Quizalize”?




In first term,I wrote about Gamification and gave example such as Kahoot,Socrative an Plickers.(If you want to turn back).Quızaliza is like them.

First,it is a free application.Both teacher and students can use it.You can create your own quizzes and play them in class.

You choose teacher or student.When you choose teachers,you should sign up and create your quiz.There ae choices like mutiple choices,fill in the blanks.You see your students results.When you choose student,you enter the class which your teacher creates.

If you are a teacher and want to give your students homework, you are in your profile then simply click ‘more options’ and set the quiz as homework. If you are using a quiz from the marketplace, then simply click on the quiz and select ‘set as homework’ ​.

Here is my quiz code :jwz373


Second Term Week 6/Topic

What is ”Topic”?

We can define Topic as accomplishing individual learning objectives.They can include single page or many.They may mix texts,videos,animation and music.Each topic has ‘one’learning objective.Aditionally,a topic is combination of Absorb,Do and Connect Type Activity.

Example of Topics

1-Simple Topic :It consists a single Website.Topic shoul be as simple as a topic can be.

2-Typical Topic: This is more comxplex.Learner should decide based on real objects such as requiring research,analysis and judgement.

3-Complex Topic:The topic has several tabs,each of which reveals a different part of topich such as overview,before show,coah.

How to desgin A Topic

A topic that consists the activities and assesments necessary to accomplish the objctive may be considered a learning object.

Here is the these components









Second Term Week 5/Tool

untitled-poster.pngWhat is ”Storymaker”?

Storymaker is an online network that mostly known as Best Websites for Learning and Teaching.Firstly,you choose characters,take them on adventure and create your own story.Storymaker lets you control your characters and objects.When you choose your characters action,storymaker creates sentences for you.Or you can enter your own words.When you finish your story,you can print it or it gives you a magic code.You can enter and see the whole story.

Click and enter the magic code to see my story maker 🙂 ‘WTV580’


Second Term Week 5/Tool

What is ‘Bitstrips‘?


Bitstrips is an online app that allows people to create cartoon of themselves or other people.Users create animated avatars of themselves by adjusting multiple physical characteristics and accessories of a virtual figurine. They then proceed to position their avatar in one of over 10,000 different scenarios.



Second Term Week 5/Tests

testingWhat is ‘Tests‘?

Tests which are also called assesments,drills quizes,examinations,is vital for learning process.They give opportunity to engage learners and provide them feed-back.And,creating a test is not as easy as it seems.Firstly,we should learn what test is.Test is any activity that indicates how well learners meet learning objective is a test.Any activity that provides feedback on performance of an objective can serve as test.

Common Type of Tests




4-Matching list

5-Fill in the blanks




Second Term Week 4/Tool



What is ‘Piclit‘?

Piclit is an e-learning website that use photographs  to write and express themselves and share with other people.It is free,fun,safe and global.While using Piclit,you combine words with story or meaning of the picture.It can be a caption, a sentence, a story, a paragraph, a poem, a rap, a quotation, lyrics from a song, and more.

Second Term Week 5/Tool

What is ‘Unstuck‘?

Unstuck is an online app that helps you think in a different way.Whenever you feel stuck,it helps you get out of it.

Firstly,it asks you some questions like above.

It is your online psychologist.

You choose what you feel,what you want to or not to do.

In the end,it finds the best solution for you.

Second Term Week 4/Tool

What is ”Mindmup”?


MindMup is a free software mind mapping application written primarily in JavaScript and designed to run in HTML5 browsers. MindMup is  available as a free anonymous web service at, which enables users to store maps on several cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, Amazon S3 and GitHub and collaborate in real time with other users.MindMup combines editing and productivity user interface aspects typical for desktop applications,such as keyboard shortcuts, edit history, right-click menus and toolbars, with online application capabilities such as cloud storage, easy sharing and enabling users to embed maps in their web sites.The software supports importing and exporting maps in the Freemind file format. It also supports file exports as structured HTML or tabular plain text, PNG images and PDF vectors. Presentations based on maps can also be exported as PDF and PowerPoint slides.

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