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Şubat 2016

Second Term Week 1/Tool

What is ” Infogram”?


Infogram is an online tool that you can create ypur graphic and charts.It is quite easy. Firstly,you should sign in.Then there are choices:Infographic or Report,Chart or Graph and Map.You can do these but some of them is paid.You must upgrade.

Here is mine



Second Term Week 1/E-Learning

What is E-learning?

E-learning is electronic learning, and typically this means using a computer or electronic devices.In the early days it received a bad press, as many people thought bringing computers into the classroom would remove that human element that some learners need, but as time has progressed technology has developed, and now we embrace smartphones and tablets in the classroom and office, as well as using a wealth of interactive designs that makes distance learning not only engaging for the users, but valuable as a lesson delivery medium.


What are the advantages of using devices in classroom?

1-It’s cost effective and saves time:

By reducing the time taken away from the office, removing travel costs and doing away with printed materials, online learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity. It also means your staff will be happier and focussed.

2-Learning 24/7, anywhere:

Many face to face courses only operate within normal office hours. By allowing staff to complete the course when and where they like you can make sure disruptions to your busy working schedule are minimised. This also means that your staff will be happier because they don’t need to travel to specific training centres, and if they have important work to catch up on mandatory training can be done outside of office hours in exchange for lieu time. Most of our courses have an average learning time, and our CPD approved courses allow learners to print out certificates of proof.

3-But a computer can’t do everything can it!

Nothing is perfect, and we understand that in some cases (such as 17th Edition (BS7671:2008) EAL and City & Guilds 2382-10 electricians course) it is vital that people are tested under strict exam conditions. For that reason, Virtual College works with industry professionals to ensure all of our online course materials are approved and available to help you prepare for that final qualification. We also have a division dedicated to the implementation of ‘blended learning’, which is to take use e-learning alongside traditional face to face training to combine the benefits. We call this section of the business YP Training. Blended learning is the perfect approach for environments such as manufacturing plants where e-learning can teach the theory, but there is a need for practical training to ensure competency. The use of e-learning for the theory element of training means that shop floor workers spend less time away from the job. We’ve even transferred this process into the Apprenticeship sector. If you’re concerned that some things can’t be taught by a computer, or that e-learning just isn’t for you, why not call our support team who’ll be able to advise you.


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Second Term Week 1/Tool

What is ‘Hour of Code‘?

Certificate for Seda YiğitThe ‘Hour of Code’ is a nationwide initiative to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.In the classrooms, teachers can provide guideline to students or students themselves can learn a lot by watching tutorials.  Even a student with no interest in computers can easily learn and practice coding in a simple way.'da ücretsiz bir web sitesi ya da blog oluşturun.

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