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Aralık 2015

Week 7/ New ‘technological tool’ ”Tagul”


Tagul is a free word cloud generator.When you create a word cloud with Tagul, every word in your word cloud is linked to a Google search. Click on any word in your word cloud to be taken directly to a Google search results page for that word. Tagul creates a word cloud from text you copy into your Tagul account.Once your word cloud is created Tagul provides you with an embed code to put your cloud on your blog or website.You see my cloud above 🙂


Week 7/ New ‘technological tool’ ”Linoit”




Lino is a web-based sticky note service.This service provides its users  with virtual stickies operable on a web browser along with “canvas”, a user specific bulletin board-like online area. Both lino users and non-registered users (guests) can post stickies on a canvas, and relocate or remove them when needed.Teachers can use linoit foor their lesson because there are some students who are shy and say their ideas,therefore,students write their ideas and teacher see what they think in this way.

Week 6/Iste Standards For Teachers



1-Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

2-Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assesments

3-Model digital age work and learning

4-Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

5-Engage in professional growth and leadership

Week 6/ Iste Standarts For Students


For teachers,the center of their job is students.Their first aim is to teach and prepare their students.There are 4 standart.

1-Creativity and innovation

2-Communication and collaboration

3-Research and Inform fluency

4-Critical thinking,problem solving and decision making

Week 5/Assessment for Learning & Assessment of Learning

Assessment OF learning is the use of a task or an activity to measure, record and report on a student’s level of achievement in regards to specific learning expectations. These are often known as summative assessments.


Assessment FOR learning is more commonly known as formative & diagnostic assessments. Assessment FOR learning is the use of a task or an activity for the purpose of determining student progress during a unit or block of instruction.'da ücretsiz bir web sitesi ya da blog oluşturun.

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