The Multimedia principle is a theory studied in depth by Richard Mayer that states words and graphics are more conducive to learning, rather than just text or graphics alone.  The theory is based on the idea that learners learn better when they engage in relevant cognitive pressing such as attending to the relevant material in the lesson, mentally organizing the material into a coherent cognitive representation and mentally integrating the material with their existing knowledge.(Mayer 154) His study also shows that learners may engage in less in-depth learning with just text alone, not connecting what they have read with new or prior knowledge.

Studies have shown that their are two main channels that we use to process information, the auditory and visual channel.  The auditory channel processes sounds that we hear while the visual channel processes things that we see.  By combining these two process studies have shown that learners, learning will be more in depth and stay in the learners memory longer.  Their studies have also shown that to many visuals or to much text can overload the learner so their needs to be a balance between the two and they should always relate so they do not confuse the learners learning process.