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Kasım 2015

Week 4/Example(Plickers)

Each student is given a card with a unique visual code.The code has four sides,each lettered A,B,C,D.The student holds the card so that the letter they choose to answer the question with is at the top of their cards.





Week 4/Examples(Socrative)

Socrative is a free web based application that teachers and learners test their knowledge.
The whole class can join.
You can use multiple choices,true&false or short answers.

Week 4/Examples (Kahoot)

Kahoot provides educators and students fun and trusted learning space where educational content is delivered by asking meaningful questions in real-time, creating game-like environment.

You can create quizes,survey or a discussion.You can launch everone.Then they enter game pin and their nickname.People can reach it every browser or smart phones(avaible in app stpre and play store)

Week 4/Gamification

Gamification is game-design techniques to engage and motivate people to learn and achive their goals.Where gamification is taking a learning process and applying game principles to it, Game-Based Learning is taking a game and using it for learning.

When Does Gamification Make Sense To Use?

  1. To encourage a specific response or behavior
  2. To increase the visibility and perceived importance of otherwise “minor” and less visible actions
  3. To promote competition; to engage students
  4. To help students track their own progress


Week 4/Game-based Learning

When Does Game-based Learning Make Sense To Use?

1. To repackage academic content

2. To promote critical and strategic thinking

3. To “engage” students not otherwise engaged

4. To support both struggling and talented students


Voice Principles

maxresdefaultPeople learn better when the narration in multimedia lessons is spoken in a friendly human voice rather than a machine voice.

Segmentig Principles

How to hammer People learn better from a multimedia lesson is presented in user-paced segments rather than as a continuous unit.


The Redundancy Principles

The Redudancy Principle describes using on-screen text with audio repeating the same text.


Modality Principles

People learn better from graphics and narrations than from animation and on-screen text.


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