Digital Strorytelling is the use of computer-based tool to tell the stories.We can define it as a process which allows us to share our stories by using film techniques,animation or audio.There a lot of types of digital storytelling but,in general,we prefer to combine pictures with voices.We don’t meet digital storytelling new.It goes back early in 90’s.But everyday new tool come out the world.We use digital storytelling in neighborhood community centers, schools, libraries and businesses.We mostly see digital storytelling in education.

Teacher use it to retain student’s attentions.Students also use digital storytelling.They can work individually or collaboratively to produce their own digital storiesso they participate class more than ever.Digital storytellig allows students to develop their creativity.They think more critically.

7 Free Digital Storytelling For Teachers and Students

1)Storybird 2)Animoto 3)Comic Master 4)Domo animate 5)Capzles 6)Bubblr 7)Mapskip 

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